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Emerald Bracelets

Bring an enchanting touch of green to any outfit with an emerald bracelet in timeless gold. Bracelets with emeralds can dress up a casual outfit or bring extra elegance to formal occasions. Whether you’re wearing a statement-making emerald tennis bracelet or a bolo design that combines rich green emeralds with cooler diamonds, your bracelet is sure to shine. Our gold emerald bracelets are instant classics.
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14k yellow gold emerald bracelet in a tennis style.

FAQs about Emerald Bracelets

What designs are popular?

We offer emerald bracelets in men’s and women’s designs to match any style. Some of our most popular options include chain bracelets with emeralds, cuffs, tennis bracelets with this green gem and bangles. Choose from designs that feature only emeralds or go with a multi-gemstone look that combines emeralds with other gems such as diamonds or white sapphires. Our emerald bracelets are available in 14k or 18k gold with white gold and yellow gold designs.

What jewelry matches an emerald bracelet?

Your emerald bracelet can match virtually any jewelry style. For a coordinated look, pair your bracelet with other jewelry in the same metal color. For example, if you’re wearing a yellow gold emerald bracelet, you’ll want to pair it with a gold chain in the same color. 

The striking green shade of emeralds makes them perfect for pairing with virtually any other gemstone. For a contrasting look, match your emerald bracelet to other jewelry with diamonds or even opals.

Can you give an emerald bracelet as a gift?

A yellow or white gold bracelet with emeralds makes the perfect gift. As the May birthstone, emerald is a great gift for new moms.

What do emerald bracelets symbolize?

This green gemstone is often associated with royalty and wisdom. Emerald bracelets can showcase the celebration of a May birthday or special event that has taken place in May. As with all jewelry, wearing a bracelet with emeralds can simply signify that you like the look of this gemstone.

Are these gemstones enhanced?

Many emeralds, even natural ones, are often enhanced with treatments that help them look their very best. Some emerald gemstones are enhanced with waxes, oils or resins that improve the gem’s clarity in a more stable way.

Can you wear bracelets with emeralds everyday?

Emeralds rank a 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them fit for frequent wear. Settings in yellow gold and white gold are popular options that help keep this gemstone secure.

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