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Infinity Engagement Rings

Celebrate endless love and romance in brilliant fashion by shopping for infinity engagement rings from Blue Nile. These twisting, interwoven settings are as unique and entwined as your relationship and are available with or without sidestones. Infinity-style engagement rings also support halo options, which can make the center diamond appear larger and more brilliant.
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Infinity Engagement Rings

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FAQs about Infinity Engagement Rings

What are infinity engagement rings?

Infinity engagement rings feature twisting diamond pavé along the shank and center stone, resembling the classic infinity figure eight. Design options for an infinity diamond engagement ring include adding sidestones to the winding band, increasing sparkle and shine.

Do infinity engagement rings have a meaning?

The twisting infinity sign seen throughout this collection symbolizes and celebrates never-ending love.

What diamond shapes are suitable for infinity engagement rings?

Round diamonds are the most traditional choice for the center stone of an infinity engagement ring, but fancy-cut shapes like princess, cushion, Asscher, and pear are also stunning options and make your diamond engagement ring even more special and unique.

Why is the carat total weight different than carat weight when shopping for infinity engagement rings?

Many infinity engagement rings feature numerous diamonds. The total carat weight of the ring includes the weight of all diamonds, while the carat weight of the center diamond is broken out separately.
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