Mapping Out East-West Ring Settings

East west setting engagement rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold with various diamond shapes.

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The classic image of an engagement ring is one with a setting that puts the focal diamond or gemstone in a north-south setting, meaning the gem sits vertically on the finger when the ring is being worn. As more people have been seeking out unique engagement rings, the classic setting has been flipped to a trendy east-west ring. 

In east-west engagement rings, the focal gemstone is set horizontally across the ring so it sits lengthwise across the wearer’s finger. The result is a unique setting that brings an updated take to engagement rings. 

Thinking about charting a new course with an east-west engagement ring setting? Explore our guide to east-west rings to learn more about this setting style and how to discover the best fit. 

What is an East-West Setting?

Gemstone rings with east west set main gems. 

While most rings are set with their focal gems in a north-south vertical orientation, the east-west setting flips this around for an entirely new style. An east-west setting is one in which the focal gemstone or diamond is set horizontally rather than vertically. This east-west orientation allows diamonds and gemstones to shine in new ways. It’s a modern take that’s often seen in engagement rings but can also be found in necklaces and earrings as well. 

East-west settings are most noticeable for elongated gem and diamond shapes including oval, emerald, pear, radiant and marquise. 

Popular East-West Engagement Ring Designs

This fashionable ring style can be found with a variety of gemstones and designs, with men’s and women’s styles bringing modern east west settings. While they are most commonly set with prongs, east-west engagement rings can also be bezel, tension or channel set. 

Some of the most popular-east west engagement rings include solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, sidestone rings, and even toi et moi rings

East-West Halo Engagement Ring In 14k Rose Gold

Enjoy two of today’s most popular styles with this east west halo engagement ring. Choose from a variety of diamond shapes, including emerald, pear, marquise, and oval gems. As an east west marquise ring, this style brings a trendy approach to a classic diamond shape.  

Two Stone Engagement Ring With East-West Pear Shaped Diamond In 18k Yellow Gold

Two stone engagement ring in yellow gold with an east west pear diamond.

This dual stone ring combines two setting styles, including an east-west set diamond. The result is an eye-catching modern engagement ring. 

East-West Solitaire In Platinum

This platinum solitaire ring setting is the perfect home for an east-west diamond or gemstone. It can fit various carat weights and shapes such as emerald, marquise, oval, radiant and pear  

Morganite East-West Ring In 14k Rose Gold

Pink morganite set east west into a rose gold engagement ring

Choose a gemstone style with east west silhouettes with a rose gold and morganite ring that offers romantic and modern style. This gemstone take on the east west-emerald cut ring trend brings unique style. 

ZAC ZAC POSEN East-West Single Baguette Diamond Ring In Platinum

ZAC ZAC POSEN East West Single Baguette Diamond Ring In Platinum

This stylish single baguette diamond ring shines with an east-west setting, bringing a contemporary take on the classic diamond shape

The Benefits of East-West Rings

Whether you choose an east-west emerald cut ring, an east-west marquise ring or an east-west ring with other diamond shapes such as pear and oval, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed with this trendy ring style. 

The horizontal focal gem orientation of east-west rings helps flatter both the ring and the wearer. An east west setting can make diamonds and gemstones look bigger. This setting style can also help elongate the wearer’s finger for a flattering look. 

For those in search of unique or trendy rings, the east-west setting is a leading choice. It’s an approachable way to enjoy a more unconventional look, bringing the classic diamonds, gemstones and precious metals to a new look with an updated style. 

Other East-West Setting Jewelry

While rings are the most popular type of jewelry for the trendy east-west setting, this style can also be found in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The elongated setting in a pendant makes for easy necklace layering, while earrings in similar styles make a trendy statement. 

Emerald And Diamond Solitaire Pendant In 14k Yellow Gold

Whether you choose this east-west pendant or a set of earrings with horizontal-set gems, a piece of jewelry in this innovative style brings an instant refresh to any jewelry wardrobe. 

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