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Square Engagement Rings

Square engagement rings are modern and elegant, making them a popular choice at Blue Nile. The term “square” most commonly refers to an engagement ring showcasing a princess-cut diamond, but you’ll also find Asscher-cut diamonds, radiant-cut diamonds, and cushion-cut diamonds as you shop the incredible selection of square-cut engagement rings at Blue Nile.
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Square Engagement Ring

FAQs about Square Engagement Rings

What are square-style engagement rings?

Square-cut diamond engagement rings showcase a center stone with a square silhouette. This can include princess, Asscher, radiant, or cushion-cut diamond rings.

Are square-shaped diamond engagement rings more expensive than round-cut diamond engagement rings?

Square-shaped diamonds are all fancy-cut diamonds, which can be up to 25% less expensive than a round brilliant-cut diamond of the same carat weight and quality.

What's the difference between a princess-cut diamond and a cushion-cut diamond?

A princess-cut diamond features 90-degree corners and straighter style lines. A cushion-cut diamond features softer corners and a more convex shape.

What's the difference between a princess-cut diamond and an Asscher-cut diamond?

Princess-cut diamonds come to a point in the four corners. Asscher-cut diamonds feature angled corners that display a slightly softer appearance.

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