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Affordable Engagement Rings

Embark on a lifetime of happiness with one of the sparkling, affordable engagement rings from Blue Nile. Thoughtful designs combine top-quality craftsmanship with precious metals and center diamonds that fit any budget. As you shop for the diamond, prioritize the cut above carat, clarity, and color to maximize brilliance. In terms of metals, white gold offers a less expensive alternative to platinum but provides the same bright look.
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Affordable Engagement Rings

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FAQs about Affordable Engagement Rings

Which of the 4 Cs is the most important when shopping for affordable engagement rings?

Cut greatly affects the brilliance of a diamond. Because of this, it should be of top priority when making your selection.

Are there tips for saving on a center diamond?

To save on a center diamond, opt for a stone that’s just below the next carat threshold. Instead of selecting a 1-carat diamond, look for a 0.9 carat diamond. Shopping just shy of the next round number will lower the price of the diamond, and the difference won't be discernible to the eye.

What diamond shapes are the best for budget-friendly engagement rings?

The most expensive of all the diamond shapes is the round diamond. Shopping for any of the nine fancy shape diamonds will help lower the cost of an engagement ring.

How do you save for budget engagement rings?

Saving up for an engagement ring begins by determining a budget. Blue Nile offers tips and advice on saving for an engagement ring.
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