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Diamonds Under $500

Give the gift of brilliance on any budget with affordable diamonds under $500. When you're trying to maximize your budget without sacrificing style, 
shop for fancy-cut diamonds with an ideal cut. Stud diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, and bracelets with 
diamond details are all available at this budget, making it easy to find a present that sparkles.
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FAQs about Diamonds Under $500

What shape diamond is the most budget-friendly?

Round-cut diamonds are the most expensive shape, since they’re also the most popular. Maximize your budget by considering the nine fancy shapes—princess, emerald, Asscher, cushion, marquise, radiant, oval, pear, and heart—which are beautiful, unique, and affordable diamonds.

Which of the 4Cs should I prioritize within my budget?

No matter what budget you're working within, it's always a great idea to prioritize the cut. Choosing an ideal or Astor ideal cut will provide you with maximum brilliance.

How do you make a diamond appear larger?

A good way to make a diamond appear larger than the carat size is to choose the right cut and setting. A round cut isn’t as deep as other cuts, maximizing the diamond’s bulk. A thin, delicate setting will make the diamond seem bigger, compared with a thicker, bolder setting. A pavé or halo setting can also make a diamond appear larger.

What clarity should I choose on a budget?

All diamonds have some flaws. When you're purchasing a diamond under two carats on a budget, start by looking at VS2 (very slightly included) grades, which happen to be Blue Nile's most popular diamond clarity.

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