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Engagement Rings Under 1000

Propose with a sparkling, one-of-a-kind ring at any budget when you shop for engagement rings under $1,000 at Blue Nile. Solitaire settings and halo settings are a great way to stretch your budget, because they make a stone of any size appear larger. As you shop for center diamonds, maximize brilliance by prioritizing cut over the other 4Cs.
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FAQs about Engagement Rings Under 1000

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

There's no right or wrong answer to how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Once you've decided to save for an engagement ring, determine your budget, and choose an engagement ring that works within that budget.

What shape diamonds provide the best value?

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular and the most expensive at Blue Nile. To maximize your budget, choose fancy-cut diamonds, which are up to 25% less expensive for equal carat weight and quality.

What affects the price of an engagement ring the most?

The center stone typically has the biggest impact on the price of an engagement ring. As you shop for the center stone, prioritize cut to maximize brilliance.

Are there ways to make the center stone appear larger?

You don't have to purchase a huge stone in order to create a captivating engagement ring. Choose a halo engagement ring, which surrounds the center diamond with a ring of smaller stones, making the center stone appear larger. Marquise, oval, and emerald cuts also look larger per carat weight compared to round diamonds.

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