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Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Discover the endless brilliance of lab grown diamond tennis bracelets. Set in gleaming gold, these bracelets showcase sparkling lab grown diamonds in a variety of carat weights and shapes. With bracelets from 1 to 10 carats, there’s a lab diamond tennis bracelet for any occasion. Treat yourself to a 4 carat lab diamond tennis bracelet or give the gift of sparkle with a 7 carat lab diamond tennis bracelet. With affordable prices and high-quality gems, our lab grown diamond tennis bracelets are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.
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Lab grown diamond tennis bracelet with round diamonds.

FAQs about Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets

What is special about lab grown diamond tennis bracelets?

These bracelets are popular for their beauty and affordability. They offer the enchanting sparkle of tennis bracelets with the benefits of lab diamonds.

Are these bracelets durable?

Yes, our tennis bracelets with lab diamonds are incredibly durable. Lab grown diamonds are just as brilliant and strong as their natural counterparts, making them the perfect fit for tennis bracelets.

Do lab diamond tennis bracelets make good gifts?

Our lab grown diamond bracelets make excellent gifts for any occasion. They bring the popularity of lab diamonds to the timelessness of tennis styles.

What does ct. tw. mean for lab grown diamond tennis bracelets?

Lab diamond tennis bracelets are measured in their total carat weight, which adds up the weight of all the diamonds in the bracelet. This is represented by a total carat weight measurement, which is often abbreviated as ct. tw.

How is this jewelry made?

Our lab grown diamond tennis bracelets are made by setting lab gems into 14k or 18k gold. You can learn more about how lab diamonds are made to discover what makes them an excellent fit for tennis styles.

What are the benefits of lab created diamond tennis bracelets?

Affordability is one of the biggest benefits of all lab grown diamond jewelry, including tennis bracelets with lab created diamonds. These bracelets are more affordable than similar styles with natural diamonds, making them a popular choice. Our lab diamond tennis bracelets offer the timelessness of the classic tennis style with the benefits of lab gemstones. Learn more about the comparisons between lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds to discover all the benefits of these gemstones.

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