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Milgrain Wedding Rings

Delicate beadwork makes milgrain wedding rings eye-catching works of art. Shop women’s and men’s milgrain wedding bands in platinum or gold. Added diamonds and colorful gemstones bring a unique style to beaded milgrain details. Choose a large men’s milgrain band to wear on its own or opt for thin women’s milgrain bands that pair perfectly with engagement styles. With a wide range of styles and sizes, it’s easy to find a milgrain wedding ring you’ll love to wear.
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Platinum milgrain wedding band with diamonds

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FAQs about Milgrain Wedding Rings

What is a milgrain wedding ring?

Any wedding ring that incorporates small beads, often set along the border of a ring, is a milgrain wedding band. The subtle beaded milgrain details are the hallmark of this vintage-inspired ring style.

What are the benefits of milgrain bands?

Milgrain wedding bands are incredibly romantic, evoking vintage-style charm. Their beaded detailing adds a textural enhancement to ring designs, creating a luxe look. Many milgrain wedding bands bring revivals of Art Deco styles to modern rings.

How do you care for a milgrain wedding band?

The beading details of milgrain bands mean these rings need a little extra care when it’s time to clean them. A specialized jewelry cleaner and soft-bristled brush can help restore your ring’s shine.
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