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Rose Gold Earrings

Balmy rose gold earrings are on-trend pieces designed to warm up your aesthetic, day after day. Go bold with large rose gold hoops, or stay with the staples and select a pair of 14k rose gold huggies.


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FAQs about Rose Gold Earrings

All of our rose gold is authentic, however, at other retailers this might not be the case. With earrings, it can be hard to tell if your rose gold is authentic with the untrained eye. Most earrings don't have the hallmark of the gold's karat engraved into them, while rose gold rings do. The best way to find out if your rose gold earrings are authentic is to take them to your local trusted jeweller for inspection.

Not only does rose gold jewellery not fade, it also doesn't tarnish. Rose gold jewellery is made up of an alloy of metals consisting of yellow gold, copper and sometimes silver. This mixture is used to achieve the pink tones of rose gold, but it also doubles as a durable compound. Because of the copper component, rose gold doesn't tarnish over the years, nor fade.

Rose gold earrings can (and should!) be worn every day. Your rose gold earrings will be some of the most elegant and durable pieces you own, thanks to the copper content in the rose gold. You can increase the longevity of your jewellery by caring for it with a proper cleaning solution. As rose gold doesn't tarnish, it's the ideal choice for items you'd like to wear every day without having to think twice about.

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