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Garnet Necklaces

Garnet necklaces are a wonderful way to showcase this incredibly rich and vivid coloured gemstone. Our gorgeous garnet pendants in gold and silver let you put this January birthstone on full display and make a strong style statement at the same time.


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FAQs about Garnet Necklaces

Garnet is actually a family of six closely related gemstone species that come in a wide array of colours. However, the most popular and most desirable type of garnet has a deep and warm red hue. All of our garnet necklaces and garnet and diamond necklaces feature a delightful crimson stone on a gold or silver chain.

Garnet has a range of symbolic connections stemming from cultures around the world. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs adorned themselves with this radiant gemstone and saw it as a symbol of life. In Indian astrology, garnet is thought to help inspire inner peace and promote tranquility. Today, the gemstone also symbolizes love, commitment, prosperity and protection.

Garnet necklaces are available in sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. Silver and white gold both make a stunning complement to the stone's bold red colour, with silver being the more affordable option. Yellow gold chains provide a captivating colour contrast and a glamorous appeal. Any of these fine metals are an excellent choice depending on your budget and personal taste.

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