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Heart Earrings

Showcase shining symbols of love and friendship with heart earrings. Our heart-shaped earrings are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold with plain metal designs or heart earrings with extra diamond and gemstone sparkle. Choose from heart studs, heart drop earrings and lasting styles with charming details. They make a lovely gift for birthdays or a sweet treat for yourself.


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FAQs about Heart Earrings

The heart has long been a symbol of love and devotion, both in a romantic sense and as a token of deep affection between friends. Our gold heart earrings are a wonderful and meaningful present for birthdays and other special occasions like graduations, weddings and anniversaries.

If you feel comfortable wearing your favourite earrings for long periods of time, then there is nothing wrong with leaving them in. Our stud heart earrings are small enough that you'll easily forget you are wearing them (except when someone compliments your look!). Once in a while, clean your earrings with a mild soap, warm water and a soft-bristled brush and you can wear them all you like.

Heart-shaped gold earrings are a lasting symbol of love, affection and even friendship. They can also symbolize a journey of self-love, with the wearer buying the earrings for themselves.

We offer popular designs including heart-shaped diamond earrings, plain metal pairs and earrings with precious gemstones such as pink sapphires.

You should regularly remove your earrings for cleaning. Simply clean them with mild soap and water or a specialized jewellery cleaner.

Heart-shaped earrings make the perfect gift! Pair them with a heart necklace or locket for a truly romantic gift. These symbolic earrings aren’t just for romantic gift-giving, they can also be given to friends or family to represent a beautiful connection.

Heart earrings can be stacked for a modern look. Pair them with contrasting earrings for a unique style. If you’re wearing heart diamond earrings, consider wearing them alongside a plain gold set of studs.

People of all ages can wear this symbolic and shining jewellery.

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