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Gemstone Earrings

Treat yourself to the intense tones of gemstones with a set of gemstone earrings. Choose a single stone that speaks to you or combine two stones to represent your multifaceted personality. Fiery rubies, enchanting emeralds and enigmatic opals are a few of the enchanting birthstone earrings you can choose from.


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FAQs about Gemstone Earrings

Gemstones represent many different things to different people. Emeralds are believed to aid in fertility and rejuvenation, while Ancient Greeks thought that amethysts could protect them from inebriation caused by alcohol. There are also many practices that involve cleansing your gemstones and infusing them with powerful intentions and energies, adding to gemtones' seemingly limitless good luck symbolism.

You can absolutely wear gemstone earrings every day. Their enchanting hues add playful pigments to your outfits and their durability allows them to be worn regularly. When paired with proper care, your gemstone earrings can be a trademark addition to your daily style.

Silver, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold are all excellent pairings with gemstone earrings. Each metal can complement the stone of your choice, but depending on your preferred effect, one metal may suit your specific gemstone more than another. For instance, white gold is a particularly potent choice when you're looking for peridot or blue topaz to pop, while rose gold offers a more muted setting for amethyst and morganite.

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