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Emerald Earrings

Add a vibrant touch of color to your look with a pair of extraordinary emerald earrings. The birthstone for May, emerald is a brilliant green gemstone known for its rich, saturated hues. Choose from a variety of gold emerald earrings, like classic emerald earring studs and statement-making hoops.
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Emerald Earrings

FAQs about Emerald Earrings

What does a ruby symbolize?

The rarity and deep hue of rubies have long symbolized nobility and wealth. They have also been considered the stone of love, passion and energy. Rubies are also the July birthstone, and ruby necklaces make an excellent gift choice for those born in this month.

Can you wear a ruby everyday?

Rubies are tough enough to be worn every day with little fear of damage. Since the stone ranks 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness and it does not have a propensity to break when struck, the red jewel is a great choice as a daily accessory.

How expensive is ruby?

Rubies are rare stones that can cost hundreds of dollars, but often cost tens of thousands of dollars. The quality of the cut of the ruby, the size, carat and the color will all influence the cost of the stone. Additionally, adding more rubies or other fine stones to the necklace will also increase the cost.

What styles do ruby pendants come in?

We offer pendants featuring glimmering rubies in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose from solitaire gems, cross necklaces, geometric shapes or a romantic ruby heart necklace.

Can you layer this gemstone?

Ruby necklaces are the perfect piece to layer with other styles such as chains. For a unique stacked style, pair a long ruby pendant necklace with a simple textured chain.

What metals look best in ruby necklaces?

Durable gold is one of the best metals for ruby pendant necklaces and designs. Choose white gold to let ruby’s red colors shine through a striking contrast, or yellow gold to warm up the style. Rose gold ruby necklaces offer a romantic take on this vibrant gemstone.

Do these make good gifts?

Stunning and sturdy gemstone jewelry makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other romantic occasions call for the sentimental gift of a ruby heart necklace. Ruby pendants are also wonderful to give on a birthday, graduation or other life event.

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