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Cross Necklaces

Brimming with symbolism, cross necklaces and pendants are cherished keepsakes. They come in a variety of styles to suit your personality, from simple metal designs to diamond necklaces with an inspiring sparkle. We carry cross necklaces for men and women in beautiful gold, silver and platinum settings.


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FAQs about Cross Necklaces

A necklace with a lowercase-t-shaped Latin cross is simply called a cross necklace. While there are other styles of cross necklaces—like the crucifix cross—simple cross pendants are the most common. We offer classic Latin cross necklaces in gold and platinum, as well as many styles of diamond cross necklaces.

Cross necklaces have a unique and special meaning to each person who wears them. Some see them as symbols of love and hope while others wear them for protection. Cross necklaces for women and men are also worn to indicate the wearer's faith, and they are commonly given as gifts for a baptism or confirmation.

Our handcrafted cross necklaces come with matching metal chains for an elegant and seamless look. Find classic white gold and yellow gold pendant and chain pairings, as well as pendants and chains in more modern metals like rose gold, platinum and sterling silver. Enduring gold chains will never rust or tarnish, and platinum is everlasting, making your cross necklace a durable piece that you can treasure forever.

While cross necklaces are often worn as a sign of faith, they're also a common fashion accessory. You might wear one because you received it as a meaningful gift or because you just love the way a diamond cross pendant sparkles. The choice of fine jewellery you wear is entirely up to you.

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