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Peridot Necklaces

Pretty peridot is a unique, olive-green gem that makes for gorgeous and gleaming peridot necklaces. The alluring green hues of this sparkling gem pair beautifully with sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold chains, as well as with petite diamond halos and accents.


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FAQs about Peridot Necklaces

Peridot is a gemstone rich in meaning and symbolism, and it also serves as the August birthstone. Long ago, the ancient Egyptians referred to it as the "gem of the sun" and used it to ward off evil spirits. Wearing peridot jewellery is also believed to attract good fortune, happiness, harmony in relationships and feelings of peace and tranquility.

Peridot is more affordable than diamonds and other rare coloured gemstones, though the price depends on factors like the stone's size and colour. A gold peridot necklace begins at around five hundred dollars and goes up to eight hundred dollars. A peridot necklace makes an exquisite birthstone gift for any special occasion.

Peridot is identifiable by its signature olive-green colour and yellow undertones. Its stunning hue will stay consistent even when viewed under different lighting conditions. Real peridot also has a property known as double refraction, meaning that any light which enters into the stone splits into two separate rays. Don't worry, if you purchase peridot necklaces from us, they're guaranteed to be authentic.

Peridot ranks from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it is durable but susceptible to scratches. However, peridot jewellery worn with care can easily last a lifetime. Peridot necklaces are a fantastic option for peridot jewellery that you can wear every day because pendants are kept fairly protected from wear and tear.

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