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15 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Rings have been a symbol of marriage for over 6000 years but its modern (and more importantly, precious metal) interpretation can be traced to the Middle Ages. The idea of engraved wedding rings is almost as old as the tradition itself. While engraving is a sweet way to customise your wedding rings, it also adds a measure of security if your ring is ever misplaced or stolen.

What’s the right line to engrave in your wedding rings? That’s purely up to the heart. Keep in mind that character count varies based on style and ring size but if you’re just stumbling for some inspiration, here are some of our favourite ideas.

Unique Ideas for Wedding Ring Engravings

Many couples incorporate their shared interests into their wedding day. Here are a few of our favourite ways to express your obsessions on your rings.

Star Wars über-fans will swoon over “I love you” and “I know” for their couples ring engravings while “One Ring...” and “To Rule Them All” makes for eternal-love fare if you’re a fantasy fan.

If music is your jam, lyrics from your favourite or first dance song are a perfect place to turn.

Phrases like “Adventure Together” or “You’ll Never Wander Alone” will satisfy outdoor or travel enthusiasts.

I love you more than… chocolate? Call of Duty? Bubble baths? Whatever your obsessions are, just insert them here.

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Funny Wedding Ring Engravings

Most everyone believes humor is important in a relationship. If you’re looking to induce a wedding day laugh, here are some places to start.

Enscribe an inside joke that will go on forever.

Do you have goofy pet names for each other? This is a perfect—and private—place to use them.

Get a smile from engraving a confession like “I ate the last donut” or other silly secrets you’ve been keeping.

Have some fun with the tropes of marriage like “No Give-Backs!” or “Better Half”.

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Wedding Rings Engraved with Foreign-Language Phrases

Some languages are languages of love. These phrases put some of that passion into your engraving.

Latin lovers are world famous, wink wink. Channel some timeless sentiments with AMOR VINCIT OMNIA, the strong statement meaning “Love conquers all” in ancient Roman.

Go simple and sweet as a continental treat with Amore Mio (“My love” in Italian) or Para Siempre (“Yours Forever” in Spanish.)

Say Oui Pour Toujours or Mon Coeur Est à Toi Seul which read “Yes Forever” and “My heart is yours alone” in the original language of love, French.

Personalise your wedding bands with endearing phrases in your own ancestral tongues—whether you speak it or not.

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Engraving Ideas that Celebrate Your Wedding Date

While your wedding date nestled between your initials is classic, these riffs on tradition infuse an extra ounce of personality while keeping it timeless.

A line from your vows is a smart twist to immortalize one aspect of your day.

Put an eternal spin on your commitment by using your wedding date plus “to infinity”.

Establish a legacy i.e. “Smith, Est. 2019”

These are just a few ideas to spark the perfect engraving for your wedding ring. Be sure to #bluenilesparkle to show off your unique message.