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Pearl necklaces are the epitome of timeless beauty. Our pearl strand necklaces have a classic appeal while our distinctive pearl pendants suit contemporary style. Each necklace features gorgeous and expertly cultured pearls of the freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian or Akoya varieties.


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FAQs about Pearl Necklaces

Real pearl necklaces are available at a wide range of price points, from pearl pendants starting under one hundred dollars to stunning fine pearl strand necklaces going for tens of thousands of dollars. Natural pearls formed in wild oysters are incredibly rare and generally not found on the market. Instead, nearly all pearls are cultured, and cultured pearl necklaces are every bit as beautiful, every bit as real and come at a much more affordable cost. Learn more about pearls in our detailed pearl education guide.

Pearls have always been in style. Pearl necklaces have always been a favourite of royalty, celebrities and fashionable American politicians, gracing the necks of Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Kamala Harris and even Joc Pederson. These classic and versatile gemstones are still very much in style, from bold multi-strand pieces to delicate pendants that make a more subtle statement. With so many options, it’s easy to dazzle in a lustrous pearl necklace that looks as chic today as ever.

Pearl necklaces have traditionally been seen as formal jewellery, with shorter styles exuding a more sophisticated appeal. Today, it's becoming common to see pearls worn with everyday outfits as well. Pearl pendants or pearl strand necklaces make a fantastic pairing with a casual top and your favourite jeans. South Sea cultured pearl necklaces with larger pearls make gorgeous statement pieces, while Tahitian cultured pearl necklaces are great for adding a subtle pop of colour to your ensemble.

When shopping for pearl necklaces, you want to be sure you are getting the real thing. Fake pearls made of glass or plastic have a perfectly smooth surface. Real pearls, because they are formed in living oysters, have a slightly uneven surface and vary in size, colour and lustre.

A real pearl necklace can feel cool to the touch if it hasn't been worn or handled for some time. Once you hold onto the pearls or wear them, they will slowly warm up to your body temperature. Typically, real pearls will be considerably heavier than fake ones.

You may have seen people in old movies test pearl jewellery with their teeth. It’s believed that if you run a real pearl across a tooth, you'll feel resistance you won't feel if you do the same with a fake pearl. While the tooth test is a creative way to test pearls, the best way to ensure that your pearls are real is to buy from a trusted retailer like us.

The four main kinds of cultured pearls are South Sea, Akoya, Tahitian and freshwater. Akoya pearl necklaces are the most popular due to their classic look, while freshwater pearl necklaces have a similar style at a more affordable price. South Sea pearl necklaces offer pearls of exceptional size and smoothness, and Tahitian pearl necklaces are known for their deep hues of black, purple, blue and green.

Also known as a pearl station necklace, tin cup necklaces are named after the 1996 film in which Rene Russo wore the now-iconic necklace style.

Pearl necklaces are available in many different styles to match any jewellery wardrobe. Pearl pendant necklaces offer understated elegance to a look. Pearl strand necklaces are often worn for special occasions, though they're also perfect for adding glamor to everyday looks as well. Our most popular styles are pieces with precious metals, such as silver and gold pearl necklaces.

Named for their signature irregularity, baroque pearls are unique gems. Often Tahitian or freshwater pearls, baroque pearls have formed into non-uniform shapes. Baroque pearls are often strung together to create a one-of-a-kind pearl necklace that brings a nontraditional style to this popular jewellery. As necklaces, they are very organic-looking and can be the perfect conversation piece.

Pearls are believed to embody wisdom and purity. The symbolic ties to wisdom make pearl necklaces a wonderful gift for graduates. With many different symbols for pearls, wearing a pearl necklace can also simply mean that the wearer appreciates the timeless beauty of this gem.

Pearls are best saved for special occasions, especially if you are considering wearing pearl strands. Pearl pendants on precious metals, such as gold or silver pearl necklaces, can be a bit more durable. Single pearl necklaces are also more suited for daily wear.

Pearls are a 2.5 on the Mohs scale, while diamonds are a 10. This shows that pearls are soft and can be scratched easily. They can also be damaged by lotions or other chemicals. Pearl strands are often strung along with silk that has extra considerations as well. That being said, pearls are only damaged if they’re exposed to damaging situations. Carefully wearing pearls, avoiding chemicals and keeping pearl necklaces clean will help keep them at their very best.

When wearing pearl necklaces, make sure to avoid letting them come into contact with cosmetics like lotion, hairspray or perfume. We do not recommend stacking pearl strand necklaces with other chains. After every wear, you should wipe your pearls with a soft cloth. Pearls should be stored on their own in their dedicated packaging or storage compartment in your jewellery box.

Yes, cultured pearls are real pearls. Pearl is June's birthstone and many pieces featuring this organic gem are cultured.

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