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Pink Diamonds

Be captivated by the romance of natural pink diamonds—some of the rarest and most beautiful precious gems. Explore carefully selected loose pink diamonds in a range of exquisite hues from light pink to vibrant pink. Complete your collection with a show-stopping piece of pink diamond jewelry today.
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Pink Diamonds

FAQs about Pink Diamonds

What are pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds are a rare, fancy colored diamond, aptly named after their pink color. This color comes from the intense pressure these diamonds undergo during their formation.

Are pink diamonds rare?

Pink diamonds are incredibly rare. Those with a deeper intensity of color and higher carat weight are even more scarce.

Are pink diamonds more expensive?

Pink diamonds are more valuable due to their scarcity. In 2018, Christie's sold the "Pink Legacy", an 18ct diamond for $50 million.

Where are pink diamonds found?

Most pink diamonds are found in the Argyle mines in the Kimberley Region in Western Australia. Some are also found in Russia, India, South Africa, Canada, and Brazil.

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