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Blue Diamonds

Rare, enchanting and endlessly beautiful blue diamonds are the perfect addition to fine jewelry pieces. 
Ranging from dark blue to light blue, these diamonds are coveted for their rarity and otherworldly radiance. 
Explore carefully selected GIA-certified loose blue diamonds in a range of special shapes and cuts.
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Blue Diamonds

FAQs about Blue Diamonds

Are blue diamonds rare?

Blue diamonds are some of the rarest of all fancy colored diamonds. Stones with a deeper color and higher carat are even rarer. We offer a wide range of these rare diamonds, from lighter to dark blue diamonds.

Where are blue diamonds found?

Most blue diamonds are currently found in South Africa, but they have also been unearthed in India and Australia.

Are blue diamonds expensive?

Due to their rarity, blue diamonds are more expensive than some other diamonds. The price varies depending on the intensity of the color and diamond carat weight.

Are blue diamonds natural or manmade?

Mined blue diamonds occur naturally through a process of crystallization deep in the earth, where boron gives it its blue color. While lab diamonds can come in a variety of colors, many of the blue diamonds available are naturally created and thus incredibly rare.

How much are blue diamonds worth?

The rarity of blue diamonds makes these gems worth more than other colors. Natural blue diamond jewelry will be valued higher than lab gems or diamonds that do not have fancy colors. The exact value of a single blue diamond will depend on its cut, color intensity, carat, clarity and other qualities. The more intense a blue diamond’s hue, or the rarer its shades, the higher its value may be.

What shapes do blue diamonds come in?

We offer loose blue diamonds for sale in a variety of shapes, cuts and sizes. Some of our most popular shapes include round, marquise, radiant and cushion.

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