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3 Carat Diamonds

Go for glamorous style with a 3 carat diamond. Our GIA graded gems are perfect for 3 carat diamond rings, necklaces or other jewelry styles. Keep the look classic with a round brilliant diamond or choose from our fancy-cut 3 carat diamond options. Design the perfect 3 carat diamond ring for your special someone or purchase these impressive loose diamonds for other pieces. As you shop our selection of ethical natural and lab created 3 CT stones, prioritize the diamond’s cut grade for the most brilliance.
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3 Carat Diamonds

FAQs about 3 Carat Diamonds

How much is a 3 carat diamond?

There is a wide variation of price for a 3 carat diamond, depending on the grade of the stone. Three carat diamonds typically cost anywhere from tens of thousands USD to hundreds of thousands USD. A 3 CT diamond’s grading along the 4Cs will influence its price.
If you are purchasing a complete style rather than a loose 3 carat diamond, the additional designs of the jewelry will also impact its price. For example, a 3 carat diamond ring price will likely be more than the loose stone because the metal, complexity and additional features cost more than a diamond on its own. The trade-off is that you’re purchasing a complete jewelry piece. 

3 carat diamond rings, necklaces, earrings and loose stones of this carat weight are available with both ethical natural gems and lab made stones. A lab created 3 carat diamond will carry a lower price than a comparable natural diamond.  

What is the 3 carat diamond size?

The shape of the diamond varies the size of the 3 carat diamond. A round 3 carat diamond measures 9.3mm, while a 3 carat marquise-cut diamond measures 14 x 7mm. Our diamond carat size chart helps you compare all the shapes and carat weights.

Which of the 4Cs is the most important when choosing a diamond?

Of all of the 4Cs, the most important one to prioritize is cut. Diamond cut refers to the proportions of the facets. An ideal cut maximizes the amount of light reflected through the diamond for brilliance, which is what makes our Astor by Blue Nile™ diamonds so popular.

How can I maximize my budget for a 3 carat diamond?

Get the size of a 3 carat diamond at a lower price by shopping for a diamond with a weight of just under or just above three carats. This is known as “buying shy” and is a popular choice for maximizing budget for a 3 carat engagement ring or other styles.

For example, you can lower your 3 carat diamond ring price by choosing a diamond that’s just above or below the three carat weight. 2.8 or 3.2 CT diamond rings bring the same brilliance as rings with diamonds at the exact 3 carat mark often for lower prices.  

Is a 3 carat diamond ring too big?

The right size for an engagement ring all depends on the wearer’s personality and style. For many, a 3 carat engagement ring is the perfect size!

What is the difference between a 3 CTW and a 3 CT Ring?

CTW refers to the total carat weight of a piece of jewelry. This includes all the diamonds in the piece, including smaller accent stones. Halo rings, diamond wedding bands and styles with smaller gems that complement a larger diamond will often have a CTW. A 3 CT ring, on the other hand, is a rating for the single diamond in a piece. A 3 carat solitaire diamond ring will have one diamond that weighs 3 carats.

How are these diamonds graded?

At Blue Nile, we are proud to offer 3 carat diamonds that have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America. Our diamonds are GIA certified, meaning that they are accompanied by transparent reports and their most important qualities have been quantified. Purchasing a 3 carat diamond is worry-free with our certified diamonds.

Who offers custom 3 carat engagement rings?

At Blue Nile, we make it easy to design customized 3 carat diamond rings. Simply browse our selection of loose three carat diamonds, select your diamond and select your ring setting. Our experts will handcraft a stunning 3 CT ring with the exact diamond and designs you’re looking for.

We also offer custom earrings and custom necklaces that can feature these stunning gems.

Are lab grown 3 CT diamonds available?

Yes, our selection of loose 3 carat diamonds includes ethical natural and lab grown diamonds.  

What shapes are available for loose three carat diamonds?

There are many diamond shapes available in 3 carat weights. Choose from round or fancy-shape diamonds, all perfect for jewelry such as 3 carat engagement rings, earrings or necklaces.  

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