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4 Carat Diamonds

Celebrate your love in bold, brilliant fashion with a stunning 4 carat diamond ring, earrings, necklace or other captivating jewelry design. This statement-making size is dazzling in any piece of jewelry, pairing beautifully with all setting styles. Enjoy a classic look with a round brilliant diamond, or bring a unique flair to your piece with one of our fancy-shape diamonds. As you shop our 4 carat diamond selection, choose a higher cut grade for impressive brilliance.
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4 Carat Diamonds

FAQs about 4 Carat Diamonds

What is the cost of a 4 carat diamond?

Shape, color, cut, clarity, and carat all affect a diamond's price. A 4 carat loose diamond can range in price from about $28,000 USD to over $300,000 USD. The better quality the gemstone, the higher the 4 carat diamond price will be.

How big is a 4 carat diamond?

The shape of a diamond helps determine the 4 carat diamond size. A 4 carat round diamond measures around 10.2mm, but the same carat weight in a marquise cut can measure 17mm x 8.5mm. Our diamond carat size chart compares all shapes and carat weight options.

Which of the 4Cs is most important when shopping for 4 carat diamonds?

Of all of the 4Cs, the 4 carat diamond’s cut should be prioritized. The cut of a diamond determines its light reflection, which can help the stone sparkle and even appear larger. Diamonds with an ideal grade or higher will provide maximum brilliance.

Which of the 4Cs affects the price the most?

Carat plays the biggest role in the final price of a loose diamond. The higher the carat weight, the more expensive a diamond will likely be. If you choose a stone just under the carat weight you want (e.g., a 3.9 carat weight instead of 4.0), you'll save on the price of the diamond. This is called "buying shy."

Is a 4 carat diamond big?

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond rather than its exact size. That being said, jewelry such as 4 carat engagement rings will have a larger diamond than those with smaller carat weight center stones. A 4 carat ring will be larger than stones with smaller carat weights.

Which jewelry fits this diamond size?

4 carat diamonds shine in virtually any jewelry style. Whether you’re searching for diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets or a 4 carat diamond ring, we have the settings and the certified diamonds to create your perfect piece.

What is the difference between a 4 CTW and a 4 CT diamond ring?

CTW refers to carat total weight, which accounts for all of the diamonds in a piece of jewelry. For example, a halo engagement ring may include CTW which accounts for all of its diamonds. CT refers to the weight of a single diamond in a piece. A 4 CT diamond ring in a solitaire ring style, for example, will refer only to the single stone in the setting.

Engagement rings and wedding rings with multiple smaller diamonds may have a 4 CTW number to indicate the total weight of all the diamonds in the ring.

Which cuts are most popular?

With multifaceted shine, round brilliant diamonds are some of the most popular options for 4 carat diamond rings and other jewelry styles. Fancy cuts, such as oval diamonds, are also popular in the 4 CT size.

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