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Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond rings are having their moment in the spotlight, with people wearing dramatic rings featuring black diamonds for any occasion. These rings are available in gold, platinum or tungsten. Explore our selection of black diamond rings including wedding rings, engagement styles, fashion rings and pieces in women’s styles or men’s designs. Black diamond rings are crafted to last and bring striking symbolism of unchanging love.
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Black diamond eternity ring set in yellow gold

FAQs about Black Diamond Rings

What makes diamonds black?

"When diamonds form naturally, inclusions of materials such as graphite or sulfides can result in a black appearance of the gemstone. Sometimes, natural fractures in the diamond can also create a black appearance. 

Many of the black diamonds available in rings, necklaces or other jewelry styles get a lot of their rich color through extra enhancements such as irradiation. This process creates a deeper color for black diamonds that’s stable for long-term frequent wear. "

How much is a black diamond ring?

Black diamond rings are typically more affordable than engagement rings, stacking rings or other styles with more colorless diamonds that have fewer inclusions. We offer women’s and men’s black diamond rings for a variety of price points to meet virtually any budget.

What do black diamond rings symbolize?

Many people believe that men’s and women’s black diamond wedding rings or engagement styles symbolize everlasting love. Rings with black diamonds are also believed to provide protection from negative energy.

Is a black diamond a true diamond?

Yes, black diamonds are real diamonds. They are often more included than colorless varieties, but chemically they are actual diamonds.

What makes a black diamond special?

The standout color of these diamonds makes them a special choice for jewelry including rings. Men's and women’s styles of these striking rings offer captivating looks. Many people love the dramatic contrast of a black diamond against platinum or white gold.

Are black diamonds natural?

While black diamonds can occur naturally through certain inclusions, many of the jewelry-quality black diamond rings for sale feature diamonds that have been treated to permanently enhance their dark coloration in a stable way.

Why do people wear black diamond rings?

As with all kinds of jewelry, wearing a ring with black diamonds is a personal choice. Some people wear these rings to symbolize a special meaning just for them. There are also many people with the belief that black diamonds provide protection against negative energy by deflecting and even absorbing it. People can also choose to wear these diamonds because they like an unconventional take on diamond rings, or simply because they like the way this jewelry looks.

What is the best way to clean a ring with black diamonds?

Some black diamonds may have more inclusions than their colorless counterparts which means they require a little extra care when being cleaned. To keep black diamond rings looking their best, avoid ultrasonic cleaners and use a gentle jewelry cleaner instead.

What designs are popular?

These rings have seen increased popularity lately, with many celebrities wearing this style. Popular black diamond rings include a woman’s band in yellow gold with an endless circle of black diamonds. For men’s black diamond ring styles, designs in tungsten on tantalum are popular options.

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