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Black Jewelry

Sleek and sophisticated, our on-trend black jewelry includes a range of fine metals and gemstones like striking black onyx, blackened cobalt with a smooth satin finish and wear-resistant tungsten. Our black diamond rings feature shimmering brilliant black diamonds for ultimate sparkle.
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Black Jewelry

FAQs about Black Jewelry

Are black diamonds real diamonds?

Yes! Black diamonds are naturally occurring, just like clear diamonds. In some cases, natural diamonds are treated with heat to give them their black color.

Are black diamonds rare?

Black diamonds are extremely rare They are only found in a few locations in the world, including Brazil and the Central African Republic.

What type of metals are used to make men's black wedding bands?

We have a variety of black men's wedding bands made from tungsten, titanium, tantalum, or cobalt. These are all strong metals that make great men's wedding rings for everyday wear.

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