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Women's Wedding Rings

A romantic symbol of eternal devotion, the right women's wedding ring makes that special day even more memorable. Simple and beautiful metal wedding bands are always a classic choice, while women's diamond wedding bands are perfect for the bride who's looking for that breathtaking sparkle.


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FAQs about Women's Wedding Rings

Couple's ring sets—which include wedding rings for both partners—cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The price depends on which type of precious metal is used and whether the bands include diamonds. Wedding ring sets are also commonly chosen to match the bride's engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings, for example, are often paired with diamond wedding rings.

There's no set price for how much to spend on women's wedding rings. Stunning women's diamond wedding bands and metal wedding bands are available at a range of prices—you just need to budget for your preferred design. Women's diamond wedding rings in a platinum setting, for example, cost more than classic gold wedding rings.

Married women traditionally wear their wedding rings on the ring finger (the finger beside the pinky) of the left hand. This tradition stems from a romantic ancient Greek belief that the left ring finger is most closely connected to the heart.

Many married women opt to wear both their wedding band and engagement ring on their left hand ring finger, which is why engagement and wedding ring sets are so popular. If you enjoy wearing rings, there's no need to limit yourself to just those two. It is not uncommon for women to nestle a third special ring—like an anniversary present—above their engagement and wedding rings. We offer a wide array of fashion rings as well, including many options that stack exquisitely with women's diamond wedding rings and engagement rings for a stylish look.

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