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Yellow Jewellery

Warm and radiant—our yellow jewellery collection features lustrous pearls with hints of yellow, yellow sapphires and yellow diamonds. Pair your yellow gemstones with an enduring 14 or 18 karat yellow gold setting for a streamlined look. Expand your collection and create the ultimate yellow jewellery set with these unique pieces.

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FAQs about Yellow Jewellery

Gemstones have a wide range of hues and can vary greatly. The traditional orange gemstone in our collection is yellow sapphire, and we also carry yellow diamonds.

You can clean yellow gold jewellery using a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft-bristled brush. Finish off by polishing your jewellery with a specialized cloth or cleaning solution.

Yellow sapphires are a beautiful and affordable gemstone option if you are looking to add a new colourful piece to your jewellery collection. Our yellow sapphire jewellery starts at a cost of MOP 4,860 and goes up to MOP 297,540 or more depending on the metal type and the inclusion of other gemstones or diamonds.

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