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Pink Jewelry

Our collection of charming pink jewelry includes pieces crafted with tourmaline, morganite, pink sapphires, lab-grown pink diamonds and natural pink diamonds. Match your pink gemstone jewelry sets with 14 or 18 karat rose gold for a truly romantic look. Pink jewelry provides an effortless upgrade to your everyday style.
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Pink Jewelry

FAQs about Pink Jewelry

What pink gemstones are used in jewelry?

Gemstones have a wide range of hues and can vary greatly. The traditional pink gemstones in our collection are tourmaline, morganite, pink sapphires and pink diamonds.

What does pink jewelry represent?

Pink gemstones are said to attract love and deep connection into the wearer’s life. They are associated with self-love, acceptance and compassion.

How much are pink sapphires worth?

The cost of a pink sapphire can vary greatly depending on the size, cut and color of the stone. Sapphires with deeper pink hues tend to be more valuable. Our pink sapphire jewelry starts at a cost of $536 and goes up to $67,160.

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