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Fluorescent diamonds emit a colourful glow under UV light. This fluorescence can appear in many hues, but the most common is blue. Fluorescence can be a benefit when you have a diamond with a lower colour grade, because blue fluorescence makes a slightly yellow diamond appear more colourless in natural sunlight. Shop our full collection of fluorescent diamonds at Blue Nile.


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FAQs about Fluorescent Diamonds

A diamond with fluorescence will emit a soft colour when exposed to ultraviolet light. Although fluorescence isn’t typically considered a performance characteristic of a diamond, a strong fluorescence is not a desired quality in diamonds.

Yes. On average, a fluorescent diamond is 15% less expensive than a non-fluorescent diamond of comparable quality and carat weight.

In most cases, no. If there is a diamond with extremely strong fluorescence, it may seem slightly hazy in bright, natural light conditions.

Although fluorescence is an identifying characteristic of a diamond, the GIA doesn’t consider it a graded characteristic like the 4Cs are. Still, there are different levels of fluorescence. The diamond will either have none, faint, medium, strong, or very strong fluorescence. If it is medium or higher, the colour of fluorescence is noted in the diamond’s GIA grading report.

Top Fluorescent Diamond Reviews

Fluorescent Round Cut Diamond Review

Love this ring!!

The whole buying experience was wonderful. The information on each piece and diamond was absolutely appreciated. The gentleman that assisted on the online chat was excellent, very knowledgeable and gave great assistance. I absolutely love that I was able to research the specific diamond to go with this beautiful setting. Having the certificate there for viewing giving all the details was awesome. My favourite part of the diamond, I have to say, is the natural occurrence of the flourescence, what a unique thing and that it was mentioned on the website was pretty valuable information. I feel that adds a little bit more of significance to the diamond and having the information explained on your site about each specific trait of the diamond was super helpful. You have such a wonderful variety to choose from, and I truly think I found the PERFECT one for me. My last engagement ring had an unfortunate accident and this one is top notch to replace what I’ve lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Marcy C. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Art-Deco Inspired Double Claw Diamond Engagement Ring
14k White Gold (0.18 ct. tw.)

EUR 1,350.00

now: EUR 960.00

Fluorescent Marquise Cut Diamond Review

Strong Blue Flourescence

This setting is even better with a 0.3ct Marquise. With a strong blue fluorescence, I couldn’t notice any even under direct sunlight. The platinum setting is heavy and feels sturdy. I like the thicker band on this setting compared to the petite cathedral.
Emma C. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Cathedral Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

EUR 840.00

Fluorescent Oval Cut Diamond Review

Oval Cut with Rose Gold Band

I would recommend 100% At first I was very sceptical and thought buying a diamond online is out of the norm and how would I now what it really looked like. I also wanted to support my local home town jewellery store too. But when comparing the prices with a diamond that was similar to in store.. I saved more then 30%. The ring I bought was perfect and the diamond was even better. She’s only had her ring for a week now and needs it resized but so far Blue Nile has been a great experience.
Kenney M. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring
14k Rose Gold (0.09 ct. tw.)

EUR 860.00

Fluorescent Diamond Engagement Ring Review

Marquise Diamond ring

Beautiful diamond and settings worth the wait. I chose a K colour with strong blue fluorescent at a very good price. The diamond sparkles and the fluorescent can’t be seen. It’s really a good quality n a good buy. I’m very happy.
Siti Y. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Cathedral Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

EUR 840.00


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