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South Sea Pearl Jewelry

Add a pop to your jewelry box with elusive, golden South Sea pearls. The distinct color, considerable size and lustrous glow of our South Sea pearl jewelry are sure to turn heads at any event. Our South Sea pearl jewelry pieces are hand-selected and set in enduring metals for a lifetime of wear.
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South Sea Pearl Jewelry

FAQs about South Sea Pearl Jewelry

How do you authenticate a South Sea pearl?

What differentiates South Sea pearls from other types of pearls is their large size. A genuine South Sea pearl will range from 8 mm to 12 mm in diameter. They will also be highly reflective under a light. If your pearl is the right size and luster, try the texture test. When a genuine south sea pearl is rubbed against another pearl or your tooth, it should feel a little rough. If the pearl feels totally smooth, it is not genuine. Always buy your South Sea pearl jewelry from a trusted retailer,like Blue Nile, for peace of mind.

What makes South Sea pearls special?

Due to the way they are cultivated, South Sea pearls are rarer and more valuable than other types of pearls. They have a long and delicate growing process, which makes them hard to cultivate outside of the warm seas of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. South Sea pearls grow larger than other types of pearls and are found in shades of silvery-white and gold, with a range unique shapes.

How much do South Sea pearls cost?

South Sea pearls are extremely valuable due to their rarity. The cost of a South Sea pearl will depend on its size, shape and color. Our South Sea pearl jewelry starts at a cost of $992 and goes up to $65,920.

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