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Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Flawless symmetry and decadent white hues characterize the iconic Akoya pearl. The daintiest pearls on the market, Akoya pearl jewelry is a perfect vision of sophistication. Our high quality Akoya pearl jewelry is cultivated across Japan, China, Vietnam and Myanmar.
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Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold (6-6.5mm)

FAQs about Akoya Pearl Jewelry

How do I care for Akoya pearls?

Clean your Akoya pearls after every wear to keep them looking as luminous as the day you bought them. For a quick refresh, wipe your Akoya pearls down with a soft cloth. Deep clean them occasionally using gentle soap and water. Do not submerge pearl strands in water to avoid weakening the thread when cleaning them. Be sure to put your Akoya pearls on last, and take them off first to protect your jewelry from interacting with your body care products. Keep your pearls inside a cloth pouch to protect them from scratching against other jewelry or hard surfaces. We offer cleaning and repair services for all of our Akoya pearl jewelry.

What makes Akoya pearls special?

When you picture a classic strand of pearls, Akoya pearls are most likely to spring to mind. Akoya pearls are an abundant, cultured saltwater pearl known for their white color and perfectly round shape. What makes Akoya pearls so special is their incredibly high luster, which gives the pearl a mirror-like effect. They are also the birthstone for June.

How did Akoya pearls get their name?

Akoya pearls get their name from the Japanese "Akoya" oyster, or Pinctada Fucata Martensii, the smallest oyster in the world.

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