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Shiningly symbolic two-stone engagement rings are some of the most on-trend designs available. Today’s biggest celebrities and famous faces of decades past have all loved the look of double-stone engagement rings. Shop engagement rings with two diamonds or alternate styles including gemstone and diamond pairings. Choose the perfect two-stone ring that’s as unique as your love story.


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FAQs about Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Unique, romantic and beautifully symbolic, two-stone engagement rings feature two prominent gemstones paired together for a one-of-a-kind combination. They can be two matching diamonds, diamonds of different shapes, two different gemstones or a diamond and alternate gemstone pairing.

There are many design options including rings with asymmetrical pairings, bands with two gems set on the same row, open rings with gems on either side or engagement rings in two-stone bypass styles. No matter the combination of setting and gems, these rings are wonderfully unique.

Two-stone engagement rings are often called toi et moi rings, forever rings, double-stone rings, you and me rings or forever us rings.

Romantically symbolic forever rings featuring two prominent gemstones are growing in popularity. They first gained attention when Empress Josephine de Beauharnais was presented with a stunning two-stone engagement ring in the 1700s. The ring, gifted to her by Napoleon, featured a sapphire and a diamond set together for a contrasting look.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s two-stone engagement ring reinforced the popularity of this unique style and today, the two-stone ring is seeing a resurgence. More recently, celebrities such as Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Solange Knowles have worn this increasingly popular ring style.

These romantic two-stone engagement rings, often referred to as toi et moi rings, most commonly symbolize two partners. The French term “toi et moi” translates to “you and me,” signifying this ring’s representation of two people joining together. These engagement rings symbolize two hearts coming together with love, partnership and lasting connection.

Two-stone toi et moi engagement rings can also symbolize two people coming together while retaining their individuality. Each person is represented by one of the stones on these two-stone rings, showing how two unique people can shine even brighter when they’re joined together.

Diamonds are the most popular choice for double-stone engagement rings, but other pairings are growing in demand. For a modern two-stone engagement ring, match a diamond with a contrasting gemstone, such as an emerald, a sapphire or other durable birthstones. For a classic look, choose a two-stone diamond ring.

At Blue Nile, we offer stylish and symbolic two-stone engagement ring designs. Choose from styles in platinum, white gold or rose gold. We offer a variety of designs including today’s trendiest styles and even vintage-inspired shapes.

We offer a large selection of wedding rings to accompany double-stone engagement rings. Choose the band that best matches the wearer’s style and accommodates the engagement ring’s unique shape.

Our online ring size chart makes it easy to learn more about the most common ring sizes and how to find the right fit for your partner.

When buying a two-stone diamond ring, you should focus on selecting two gems that pair well together. This may be two diamonds of similar colour and clarity or two entirely different diamonds – it’s all about choosing the combination that best matches the wearer’s style.

For a double-stone engagement ring with other gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds, focus on selecting two gems that complement each other (just as you and your partner complement one another!).

While some gems such as pearls are popular in celebrity two-stone engagement rings, we suggest focusing on choosing durable gems that will be fit for daily wear. There are many strong gems that are perfect for pairing on a double-stone ring such as sapphires, rubies, diamonds and coloured diamonds.

Bands in precious metals such as platinum and gold are the best choice for an engagement ring with two stones. Popular designs include rings with two gems set next to each other on the same band. For a dramatic look, opt for an open band that features a stunning gemstone on each side. To bring added contrast in the ring, mix and match setting styles such as a classic round diamond set with a pear cut gem in an east-west setting.

Yes, two-stone rings can feature two different kinds of gems, two different cuts and even two different setting styles. Mixing and matching two different gems is a big draw of dual-stone engagement rings. These rings most commonly include a mix of two different diamond shapes, two different setting styles or different gemstone combinations.

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