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Milgrain Engagement Rings

Bring vintage-inspired elegance to your proposal with a milgrain engagement ring from Blue Nile. This beautiful metal bead design creates a delicate border around the band that enhances the elegance of the ring. Shop the full selection of milgrain engagement rings at Blue Nile, and choose the metal and center diamond for your custom creation.
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Milgrain Engagement Rings

FAQs about Milgrain Engagement Rings

What are milgrain engagement rings?

A milgrain treatment is a beaded detailing where little metal beads are integrated into the design to create an intricate, textural effect.

Are milgrain engagement rings more expensive?

While the milgrain technique is more technical and can affect the overall price of an engagement ring, the metal choice and the center diamond have the biggest impact on an engagement ring's price.

Does milgrain wear off?

Milgrain is a technique commonly used in vintage and vintage-inspired engagement ring designs. Over time, the raised edges of the design can be worn down, especially in areas that get more wear and tear.

What's the difference between milgrain and pavé?

Milgrain creates a textural border using small metal beads, while a pavé engagement ring features tiny diamonds to accentuate the ring's band.

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