Very Very Slightly Included Diamonds

When you're looking for a diamond with minuscule inclusions, very, very slightly included diamonds are the way to go. Even a trained eye would have difficulty seeing these inclusions under 10x magnification. There are two categories within this grade. VVS2 clarity diamonds feature more inclusions than the VVS1 diamond grade.


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FAQs about Very Very Slightly Included Diamonds

Twenty-one percent of all diamonds sold at Blue Nile are VVS diamonds.

VVS diamonds are valued based on a number of factors, including color, cut, and carat weight. In general, a VVS1 diamond will be more expensive than a VVS2 diamond.

When a diamond is called "eye clean," it means that the inclusions are minor enough that they can't be seen by the eye without additional magnification.

Yes. Round diamonds hide inclusions more readily than emerald or Asscher cut diamonds. For these shapes, a VS1 or better grade is recommended.

Yes. There are four main grades that work together to determine the price of the diamond. The 4Cs—cut, clarity, color, and carat—are all factors, although carat weight affects the price the most.

Top Very Very Slightly Included Diamond Reviews

Very Very Slightly Included Princess Cut Diamond Review

The perfect ring

I originally bought something from a big box jeweler and got a really poor quality diamond. After doing research I heard of blue nile and returned the old ring for something far superior from blue Nile for less money!
John N. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring
14k White Gold


Very Very Slightly Included Round Diamond Review

Chose Perfect Criteria for Pure Brilliance!

I was able to choose all the perfect GIA criteria for a .73ct diamond with stunning brilliance! Ideal cut, F, VVSI, excellent symmetry, perfect table and depth ratios, no culet or fluorescence. Pics attached.
Audrey M. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Double-Bail Solitaire Pendant Setting
18k White Gold


Very Very Slightly Included Diamond Earring Review

Top quality diamonds for less!

I recently ordered a pair of VVS2 diamond earrings set in platinum backs from blue Nile. I noticed after checking into blue niles diamond education that VVS1 was the higher quality I desired, after a very brief chat with a diamond consultant my order was changed within minutes to the pair I wanted. When I received them I was blown away by the quality of the diamond for the price I paid. I have received several compliments since I first got them. I highly recommend blue Nile to anyone interested in buying quality jewelry at a reasonable price.
Dorian M. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Four-Prong Earrings


Very Very Slightly Included Diamond Band Review

So much sparkle

Bought this band to go with my 1.20 ct. E-VVS2 engagement ring (designer brand). The color difference is not noticeable at all! This ring sparkles like crazy. Also very comfortable on. Can’t wait to start wearing it!!
Veronika H. - Verified Buyer
Average Customer Rating $5 out of 5 stars
Classic Diamond Eternity Ring
Platinum (1 3/4 ct. tw.)


now: $2,295


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