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Slightly Included Diamonds

A diamond's clarity grade is determined by any imperfections on the surface or within the stone. Diamonds with a slightly included SI1 or SI2 grade feature inclusions that are noticeable at 10x magnification. This clarity often provides the best value, which is why we suggest starting your search with slightly included diamonds that are eye-clean—meaning that without magnification, you won’t notice anything but sparkle and shine. Shop our full selection of slightly included diamonds to find a unique beauty for your custom piece.
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Slightly Included Diamonds

FAQs about Slightly Included Diamonds

What does included mean?

Inclusions are a diamond clarity term that refers to internal imperfections or natural characteristics in a diamond. No two diamonds are alike and most feature some level of surface blemishes or internal inclusions. Only IF and F clarity diamonds are considered truly "flawless."

What is a slightly included diamond?

A slightly included (SI) diamond features inclusions visible under 10x magnification. The 360-degree views we offer are provided at 20x magnification, which is twice the magnification of a jeweler's loupe. Under this magnification, you may notice a slight inclusion with even an IF clarity that would be imperceptible otherwise.

Many engagement ring and jewelry settings can help reduce the visibility of some inclusions. 

What is the difference between an SI1 and SI2 clarity grade?

An SI1 clarity grade is often considered eye-clean, which means it's difficult to see any blemishes without magnification. SI2 diamonds are a slightly less expensive grade, sometimes featuring inclusions that can be seen with the eye from certain angles. The shape of the diamond helps conceal inclusions as well. Round cuts can hide blemishes that would be visible in an emerald or Asscher shape.

What factors determine a diamond's clarity grade?

There are five key factors that determine a diamond's clarity grade, including the size, number, position, nature, and color or relief of the characteristics.

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