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The cut of a diamond refers to how precisely those intricate facets of the stone have been cut. Diamonds with a cut grade of “Good” are among the top 25% in cut quality. When you choose a diamond with a Good cut, most of the light entering the diamond will reflect back to you, delivering the brilliance you love. Every diamond sold comes with a GIA certificate outlining the full grading report of your diamond.
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FAQs about Good Cut Diamonds

Is a good cut diamond ok?

A diamond cut of very good or excellent is recommended for round diamonds. When shopping for fancy shape diamonds, a "Good" or better cut makes a great choice. Make the most of your Good cut diamond by making sure it has very good symmetry and polish.

What is the Cut of a Diamond?

The cut is one of the 4Cs of diamonds. It refers to how well-proportioned the different facets of the diamond are. The cut of the diamond is one of the biggest factors in determining its sparkle and brilliance. Diamonds that are cut too shallow or too deep won't provide the same level of light return that a diamond with an ideal cut will.

What are the different cut grades of diamonds?

There are four different diamond cuts available at Blue Nile; Good, Very Good, Ideal, and Astor by Blue Nile (which account for fewer than 1% of diamonds). There is also a Poor/Fair diamond cut, but you won't find it with us.

Are diamond cut and diamond shape the same thing?

No. A diamond cut refers to the proportion of the diamond facets and how those proportions reflect light. Diamond shape refers to the actual shape in which the diamond is cut, such as round, princess, emerald, and so on.

Does the cut affect the price of a diamond?

Color, cut, carat, and clarity are the 4Cs that help determine price. Among those four factors, cut plays the biggest role in determining the cost of a diamond, because the better the cut, the more sparkle you will enjoy.

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