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E Color Diamonds

Indulge in the colorless beauty of E color diamonds from Blue Nile. When you shop this rare color grade, you'll receive a diamond so icy that color is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Around 16 percent of all diamonds sold at Blue Nile are E-grade diamonds.
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E Color Diamond

FAQs about E Color Diamonds

Is E a good diamond color grade?

E is the second-best color grade you can get in diamonds. Considered to be colorless, this diamond offers an icy look that's perfect for engagement rings, wedding rings and all types of jewelry settings. 

What is the best color for diamonds?

D-grade diamonds are considered to be absolutely colorless and are the rarest of all color grades. E-color diamonds are the second-most colorless, followed by F, G, and the rest of the alphabet, up to Z-color diamonds, which are the yellowest.

What color grade should I buy?

Choosing a color grade really comes down to budget. The majority of Blue Nile customers choose a D or E color grade, but lower color grades are perfectly lovely, especially in smaller stones.

How do E diamond color prices compare with D and F color diamond prices?

In terms of the color grade alone, with all other things being equal, an E color diamond will sit between a D and F color diamond in price. However, a number of factors go into pricing a diamond, including cut, clarity, and carat.

Is color more detectable in certain shapes and sizes?

Yes. Diamonds that are larger than one-carat weight show color more readily than smaller diamonds. If you are going with one of the lower color grades, consider putting the diamond in a yellow gold setting for a warm look that pairs beautifully with faint color. Higher-grade diamonds (such as D and E) should be paired with a white gold or platinum setting to enhance the icy look.

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