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D Color Diamonds

When you're looking for rare, absolutely colorless beauty, shop the selection of D color diamonds at Blue Nile. As the highest color grade of diamonds available, GIA D color diamonds are the best money can buy. They'll deliver a crisp, icy look that's captivating in any diamond shape or carat weight.
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D Color Diamond

FAQs about D Color Diamonds

What are the different color grades of diamonds?

At Blue Nile, you'll find diamond color grades that range from K (faintly colored) to D (colorless). Lower color grades exist, but L–Z color grade diamonds aren't available at Blue Nile.

Are D color diamonds rare?

Diamonds with a D color grade are absolutely colorless and the rarest of all color grades.

Does color grade affect the diamond price?

Color, cut, clarity, and carat—the 4Cs—all affect a diamond's price. A D-color diamond will cost much more than a K-color diamond. When working within a budget, try prioritizing cut over color to maximize brilliance.

Is color more visible in large diamonds?

The larger the diamond, the easier you'll notice the color. For this reason, we recommend shopping for an H color grade or higher if your diamond is one carat or larger.

What settings are popular for D color diamonds?

D color diamonds are popular for engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond necklaces and other jewelry styles that call for high-quality gems. 

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