Katie Zimmerman is Blue Nile's CMO

Katie Zimmerman

Chief Merchandising Officer

“When people talk about their favourite jewellery, their memories are always tied to very specific people, places and celebrations—moments forever connected to each piece.”

Chief Merchandising Officer, Katie Zimmerman, has been a leader in the world of diamonds and fine jewellery for over 17 years. The way Katie sees it: “Jewelry is what you give people you really love—so it’s a pretty incredible business to be in.”

Katie’s passion has always been retail, even back in her student days at the University of Texas, when she realized that she wanted to be a buyer. For nearly two decades she’s been involved in every aspect of merchandising and product development, including visits to more than 120 factories around the world. Fast forward to the present day where Katie helps to create the ultimate experience for Blue Nile customers.

Of course, a huge part of that experience lies in the incredible assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands, and beautiful fine jewellery that Katie and her team of merchandising experts put together. Their curation is guided by a “classics-with-a-twist” philosophy—meaning, timeless pieces that bring decades of enjoyment to the wearer.

Katie assembles a world-class collection with many celebrations and special life occasions in mind, and recalls the many times when her own father has given her jewelry: “I can picture every detail of each occasion—the day, what we were wearing, and the significance of each piece.” The first jewellery he ever gave her, when she was a little girl, was a tiny yellow gold heart with a solitaire diamond. Katie still wears it today.

One of Katie’s many talents is her keen sense of the industry’s history, coupled with great insight for where it’s headed. While her day is typically consumed with spreadsheets and sales results, Katie is always focused on providing great style and value to Blue Nile customers.

Katie’s accomplishments include developing many proprietary lines and partnering with leading designers and brands, including Enchanted by Disney Fine Jewellery. She’s particularly excited about the evolution of engagement ring styles at Blue Nile, including premier settings in The Gallery Collection™, exclusive styles from Bella Vaughan, and expanded offerings in fine jewellery.

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