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International Shipping Agreement

Please note: Frequently Asked Questions are located below the International Shipping Agreement. Please make sure to read this information thoroughly and accept the terms and conditions below. We will be unable to complete your order until this information has been reviewed and accepted. 

For all international orders, the buyer agrees to be responsible for any local taxes, fees or import duties, when applicable. Many countries also have a Value Added Sales Tax (VAT), which is charged when an item crosses their border. It is the buyer's responsibility to know how much tax and duties will be charged. Please check with your local Postal Service Office for customs regulations and import laws. The United States Council for International Business has a website dedicated to providing some rough estimates for international taxes and duties. The address for that website is:

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: by clicking the ISA checkbox you accept full responsibility for any and all fees, duties and/or taxes that may be required to be paid or collected upon the delivery of your order. If you fail to accept your package and it is returned to our offices, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and your original shipping fees will not be refunded.

International Shipping Agreement FAQ 

What taxes and/or duties will I have to pay? 
You are responsible for paying VAT (Value Added Tax - charged by your local government) and Duties (a charge for your package to be processed through Customs). PLEASE NOTE: you may be responsible for taxes and duties every time your item(s) enter your country (for example: if you send your ring in for resize/repair/warranty service, and it is returned to you Internationally). These taxes and duties are assessed based on the value of your items, not the cost of the services performed. Due to the costs of receiving your items back, you may prefer to have services completed locally. 

To whom will I pay my taxes and/or duties? 

Once your package arrives in your country, FedEx will usually* act as your broker. Prior to delivering your package, they will supply you with a Power of Attorney document to fill out, giving them permission to pay your taxes and/or duties on your behalf. At that point, you will pay your taxes and/or duties to FedEx directly over the phone or through their website (we do not accept payment for taxes and duties via Bluenile). Your package will remain with Customs until all of your taxes and/or duties have been paid. Please Note: If you see your package is being held by Customs, you may contact FedEx directly to initiate the collection of your taxes and duties. *Some countries require that you use a private broker.* 

Is there any way to avoid taxes/duties? 

The United States has eleven (11) Free Trade Agreements in place with seventeen (17) countries. Australia Bahrain Chile DR-CAFTA: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, & Nicaragua Israel Jordan Morocco NAFTA: Canada and Mexico If there is no FTA in place for your country, then you will need to pay Duties on the value of your item(s) whenever they enter your country. This means you will need to pay Duties again if your item(s) are sent back to us for any service. Most countries will not require that you pay taxes again if you are able to provide proof that you paid them the first time your item(s) was received in your country. 

How long will my shipment take to arrive? 

Typically, packages shipped via FedEx Priority International will arrive at Customs within approximately three (3) business days of shipping. At that point, it typically takes one to two business days to process through Customs. Holiday closures and weather delays may impact the amount of time it takes for your package to be delivered. **Please note, it is very important that you provide us with the best contact number to use for delivery, as Customs will use this information to contact you upon receipt of your package.**

 Packages that are shipped via USPS international can take as long as two weeks to arrive, while packages being delivered to APO/FPO/DPO addresses are typically in transit for three business weeks.