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Top Men's Wedding Bands

The best men's wedding bands balance tenacity and grace and are made with fine metals like platinum, tungsten and titanium. Adorned with diamonds, embellished with beveled edges or featuring asymmetrical facets, the top men's wedding bands are designed to remind you of your heart-warming love.

FAQs about Top Men's Wedding Bands

The amount you spend on a men's wedding ring should depend on your style, budget and selected adornments like diamonds and etchings. Some of our top men's wedding rings are a few hundred dollars while some are several thousand. Handsome wedding rings can be found at any price point, so factoring cost into your decision has little impact on your array of choices.

Since pure gold is too soft to use for jewellery, the best golds for men's wedding bands are 14 and 18 karats. 14k gold contains a smaller portion of gold and higher portion of strong metal alloys, making it more durable and an excellent choice for those who work with their hands. 18k gold contains a higher portion of gold and smaller portion of metal alloys, giving it a richer colour for those who want a more luxurious wedding band.

Some of our most popular styles of men's wedding rings include simple polished bands, beveled edge bands and channel-set diamond rings. Mid-weight style rings with a curved inner edge are favorited for their everyday comfort while brushed inlay wedding band provide subtle texture for updated style.

It's a long standing tradition that spouses buy wedding rings for one another, but nowadays, partners often enjoy shopping for and selecting rings together, sharing not only choices but responsibility of the purchase. This allows couples to select rings that complement each other, with their wedding bands often sharing a similar tone or texture.

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