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Split Shank Jewelry

Our sleek split shank rings encase diamonds and gemstones with perfect symmetry. Enhance a stunning solitaire stone with a classic metal band 
or turn up the sparkle with pavé details along your split shank setting. Split shank engagement rings and fashion styles evoke an air of sophistication 
and classic style.

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Petite Split Shank Pavé Cathedral Engagement Ring with Round Sapphire in 14k White Gold (6mm)

FAQs about Split Shank Jewelry

What is a split shank ring?

The shank is the part of a ring that wraps around the finger. In some rings, the shank is a continuous circle around the finger that usually features plain metal or gemstone accents. In a split shank ring, the circle splits into two different sections, called shoulders, to hold the center stone at four corners. For split shank engagement rings, this unique band style creates a symmetrical look and enhances the center stone.

What wedding ring goes with a split shank engagement ring?

We suggest pairing a split shank engagement ring with a single band wedding ring for a clean look. For styles with additional gems, such as split shank halo engagement rings, it's a good idea to match the look with a pavé wedding band for extra sparkle. Go with matching metals for a classic look, or try mixed metals for something more unique. There are some matching engagement ring and wedding band styles that incorporate split shank pairings.

How much does a split shank engagement ring cost?

As with many styles of rings, the exact cost of split shank jewelry styles varies depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design. We offer a variety of split shank designs to match many price points.

What does a split shank ring mean?

The split shank design of this dramatic ring style is most commonly chosen for its standout look. As with all engagement rings, a split shank ring symbolizes an everlasting commitment. The split shank ring brings extra symbolism of two people, represented by each shank, joining together around their love which is represented by the ring’s center gemstone. Many people choose to wear split shank rings simply because they enjoy the look of this design.

Does a split shank make a diamond look bigger?

Yes, split shank rings can help the design’s center gemstone stand out more and potentially appear larger. No matter the design, you can rest assured that a split shank ring will bring standout style for any gemstone.

Are split shank ring designs popular?

Unique, center gem enhancing and effortlessly stylish split shank engagement rings have grown in popularity over the years. Famous faces including Beyoncé, Joey King and Hayden Panettiere have worn split shank diamond rings.

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