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Diamonds Under $2,000

Discover brilliant diamonds designed to fit your budget in this selection of round and fancy-shape diamonds under $2,000. Every loose diamond in this 
collection comes with a GIA diamond grading report. Maximize your budget without sacrificing brilliance by prioritizing cut grade as 
you shop the incredible selection of diamonds under $2,000 at Blue Nile.
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FAQs about Diamonds Under $2,000

What goes into pricing a diamond under $2,000?

Diamonds are graded based on four factors, referred to as the 4Cs, including color, cut, carat, and clarity. Of these, carat plays the biggest role in the final price of the diamond.

What’s the best diamond for those on a budget?

Round diamonds are the most expensive. The nine fancy-shape diamonds can be up to 25% less than a round diamond for the same quality and carat weight. Radiant and cushion-cut diamonds are the most budget-friendly of all the fancy shapes.

How can you make a diamond appear larger?

There are multiple ways to trick the eye into thinking the center stone is larger. First, select a setting with a thin band that makes the center stone look larger in contrast. Surround the center stone with additional stones in a halo setting to make the center stone appear larger.

What are some tips for saving money on a diamond?

Make the most of your diamond budget by going just below a half-carat weight or whole-carat weight mark. A .45 carat weight or .90 carat weight diamond will be much less expensive than a .50 or 1.0-carat diamond, and it won't look much different.

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