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Extraordinary Diamond Earrings

Our extraordinary diamond earring collection is anything but ordinary. Whether you prefer a round, princess or cushion cut—our extraordinary earrings only feature the most exceptional diamonds. Adorn your ears with outstanding quality and expert artisanship.
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Extraordinary Diamond Earrings

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FAQs about Extraordinary Diamond Earrings

How much do extraordinary diamond earrings cost?

Our extraordinary diamond earrings are hand crafted with high-quality diamonds. A diamonds price is dependent on the 4 C's which are cut, color, clarity and carat. Our extraordinary earrings start at a cost $3,602 and go up to $42,000.

Can extraordinary diamond earrings be worn everyday?

Diamonds rate a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning they are the most durable gemstone you can buy. They are great for everyday wear. While diamonds are very durable, it's still important to practice proper gemstone care. Try not to directly touch the diamonds in your jewelry, and do not let them come into contact with harsh chemicals.

Can extraordinary earrings get wet?

While it is ok for diamond earrings to get wet, we recommend taking them off before swimming or bathing. Diamonds can be damaged by chlorine, saltwater or bath products.
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