Harvey Kanter - Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Harvey executes Blue Nile’s strategy and long-term vision, and works closely with the executive team to align merchandising, technology, marketing, and customer service efforts that inspire and delight customers. In his own words, “Our customers trust us to mark the biggest moments of their lives. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and we work tirelessly each day to make every customer experience perfect.” Outside of work, Harvey enjoys cycling, racing, boating, and a variety of sports.

David Binder - Executive Vice President, CFO & CAO

As Chief Financial Officer, David is charged with creating and certifying sound financial plans to grow Blue Nile, as well as preparing financial statements and communicating our strategy and results to shareholders. In his own words, “Not only are we building a successful global business, but we are also able to provide our customers a product that is a meaningful part of their lives in a better, smarter, and more transparent way. There are very few business opportunities like this one.” When not crunching numbers, David enjoys cooking, hiking, and the local music scene.

Jon Sainsbury - Chief Revenue Officer

Jon is Blue Nile’s Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for online marketing and user experience efforts, as well as the growth and development of Blue Nile’s overseas business. As he says, "We’re a small team, and how we are able to deliver a tremendous amount of high impact work is one of the most unique and rewarding aspects of working at Blue Nile." Outside of work, Jon can be found on the golf course, taking his three kids to soccer games, and reading the occasional physics textbook.

Steve Gire - Vice President of Technology

As an online business, technology is crucial, and Steve is tasked with leading the creation, execution, and maintenance of cutting-edge technologies that give Blue Nile’s customers the ability to make their special purchases anytime and anywhere. As he puts it, “We work in a highly dynamic environment, and are constantly challenging ourselves with new ideas and opportunities to better serve our customers.” Away from his computer, Steve is a passionate Seattle Sounders fan and raises a little athlete of his own.

Lauren Neiswender - General Counsel

As General Counsel, Lauren handles all legal matters for Blue Nile, and offers counsel to the Board of Directors and employees on topics, such as intellectual property, human resources, tax, marketing, privacy, and more. In her own words, “I love working with the various groups that make up Blue Nile and advising on the efforts that are revolutionizing the way consumers shop for diamonds and fine jewelry.” When not advising, Lauren takes advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer with her husband and two children.

Derek Mullens - Vice President of Human Resources

Ensuring that Blue Nile has the very best people and that those people are placed in a position where they will succeed for themselves and for Blue Nile is Derek’s responsibility as Vice President of Human Resources. As he’ll tell you, “We have a passionate and committed group that wants to leave their mark and own a part of the company’s success. We give them the tools to do just that.” Derek spends his free time skiing on both water and snow, and working on his troubled relationship with golf.