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Get ready to set sail on a sea of serene blue topaz. From ancient Greece to modern day Hollywood, blue topaz jewellery is coveted worldwide for its magical properties and dazzling colour. Our blue topaz jewellery makes an excellent gift for people born in December, new moms of December babies or a traditional milestone anniversary gift for a 16th wedding anniversary.

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FAQs about Blue Topaz Jewellery

You can keep your blue topaz jewellery pieces looking brand new with basic gemstone care. Soak your blue topaz in warm, soapy water. After a few minutes, grab a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrub the stone. Be sure to avoid steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and sudden temperature changes as this can damage blue topaz.

We do not recommend wearing your blue topaz jewellery in the shower or tub. Shampoo and bath products can affect the colour of your gemstones, causing them to become cloudy. You should also remove your jewellery before swimming in the pool or ocean, as saltwater and chlorine can also damage blue topaz.

While the two stones look similar to the naked eye, blue topaz is more affordable than aquamarine. Our blue topaz jewellery ranges from a cost of C$130 up to C$4,920. Our aquamarine jewellery starts at C$160 and goes up to C$57,414. The cost for both types depends on the metal and other gemstones included in the piece.

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