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As the most highly prized variety of quartz, amethyst has earned its place in the jewellery pantheon as an enchanting, bewitching, and mystical choice. Amethyst stone jewellery is known for its piercing violet hue, coming in variations that range from icy pink-lilac to a deep, rich purple. Our unique range of amethyst jewellery includes breathtaking adornments for ears, fingers, necks, and wrists.

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FAQs about Amethyst Jewellery

Ensure your amethyst jewels stay sparkling year-round with regular, gentle cleaning. Your best course of action is to use a mild jewellery cleaning product in conjunction with warm water. Amethyst is sensitive to extreme temperatures, so don't be tempted to use boiling water. Finish the job with a once-over buffing using a jewellery polishing cloth.

A real amethyst can be recognized with its clarity and coloring—they boast a deep, rich purple hue with white or blue undertones. A fake amethyst would be a flat purple colour. Purchasing amethyst jewellery from a reputable retailer like us will ensure that you are getting a genuine gemstone.

As well as being beautiful, amethyst is a very hardy gemstone—so you are safe to wear it every day. There are a couple of things to be aware of if you plan to make your amethyst jewellery an around-the-clock fixture. Prolonged sun exposure can dull facets and corners, so you might want to switch it up if you're a sun seeker. As with any jewels, chores like cleaning that expose your jewels to caustic chemicals can be damaging.

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