Signature Princess Diamonds

To achieve the first and only princess-cut diamond with ideal standards, master cutters start with the finest diamond rough. These diamonds are cut to Blue Nile's exacting proportions to maximize light performance, brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Signature Princess-Cut Standards

Crown Height:
L/W Ratio:
Square (1.0-1.05)
Depth %:
Table %:
EX to VG
EX to VG

Precise Symmetry

Precise Symmetry
Each Blue Nile Signature princess-cut diamond has exacting proportions, and is certified to have a length-to-width ratio no greater than 1.05. The Blue Nile Signature princess-cut diamond features a high crown that almost doubles the industry standard. The higher crown allows these diamonds to gather more light, while the precise polish and symmetry enable them to display increased brilliance.
With its smaller table and precise symmetry, the Blue Nile Signature princess-cut diamond is able to return more light. Each diamond is crafted to maximize quality over size. While typical diamonds are cut to a depth of 88% or more, Blue Nile Signature diamonds are cut to a depth of 72% or less, sacrificing approximately 6% carat weight to ensure higher quality.
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