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Freshwater pearls come in an array of glossy colours and unique shapes. Whether you prefer delicate cream, demure light pink, round or oval—our freshwater pearl jewellery exudes elegance. Our high-quality freshwater pearls are hand-selected to ensure excellence.

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FAQs about Freshwater Pearl Jewellery

It's very important to keep your pearl jewellery clean. Wipe your freshwater pearls clean with a soft cloth after every wear, and deep clean them periodically with gentle soap and water. Avoid submerging pearl strands in water when cleaning them, as this can potentially weaken the thread. Body care products can damage your freshwater pearls. Be sure to put them on last, and take them off first to protect your jewellery from interacting with your body care products. Store your pearls inside a soft cloth bag to protect them fromscratching against other jewellery or hard surfaces. We offer cleaning and repair services for all of our pearl jewellery.

The fastest way to tell if freshwater pearl jewellery is genuine is by feeling the pearls. When you touch a genuine freshwater pearl, it should feel cool. The pearls will warm up once they've touched your body for a short time. Costume pearls typically feel warm before wear and might have a sticky texture. Natural freshwater pearls form in different shapes, sizes and colours. They can be perfectly round, off-round or oval and typically range from 3mm to 12mm in size. In contrast, costume jewellery pearls are very uniform. Buying your freshwater pearls from an authorized retailer, like Blue Nile, will guarantee your jewellery is authentic and beautiful.

Freshwater pearls are very durable and great for everyday wear. Because the nacre, or mother of pearl, used to create freshwaterpearls is thicker than the nacre of saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls tend to be more durable. Always practice proper gemstone jewellery care to keep your freshwater pearl jewellery looking pristine.

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