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After You Order

The evolution of your ring - from your order to your doorstep.

At Blue Nile, our philosophy is simple: Offer high-quality diamonds at outstanding prices. After you order, we continue that commitment by ensuring the ring arrives quickly, easily, and is even more stunning than you expected.

What's Next

In this guide, you will learn what happens once you place your order. We'll detail how in less than a week, the ring you designed is masterfully set, packaged, documented, and securely delivered to your door.

Read on to learn about the evolution of your ring — from your order to your doorstep.

Diamond and Jewellery Experts

Blue Nile diamond and jewellery experts are conveniently available to help you, whether you have a question about your ring or your order. And you won't have to wait on hold, as most calls are answered in less than 10 seconds.

Quality Experience

Our diamond and jewellery experts have helped thousands of couples choose the perfect diamond and maximise their budget. Their guidance is based on the standards set by the world's foremost diamond grading laboratories.

We've helped thousands of people find the perfect diamond.

Expert Service

Seven days a week, our diamond and jewellery experts are available to help you with difficult decisions ranging from diamond shape or setting style, to choosing between platinum or 18k gold. They are experts at helping people select an engagement ring she will love. You can set the pace and there is no pressure to buy because Blue Nile diamond and jewellery experts do not work on commission.

Once you submit your order, and your payment is approved, your order immediately goes to our off-site workshop where the process of building your ring begins.


At Blue Nile, your ring is set by master jewellers with decades of experience creating fine diamond jewellery.

The Perfect Diamond & Setting

Here the specific diamond you selected is located in our stock of thousands of diamonds. We also find your setting, size it to fit your fiancée's finger, and add prongs that are perfectly sized to fit your diamond. Next, both your diamond and setting enter the jeweller's workshop to be set.

Your Custom Ring

Your Custom Ring

Working under magnification for precise detail work, your diamond is carefully set by one of our expert jewellers. Careful steps are taken to ensure that your ring is set to maximise beauty and security.

Years of experience working with diamonds and settings is applied to the setting of your ring.

How Your Ring Is Set

Diamond Placement
Claw Set
Your ring is sized to order, then your diamond is set in platinum prongs for durability and safety. In the final step, your ring is cleaned and polished.
Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Each Blue Nile jeweller has an average of 22 years of experience creating quality rings, so you know your ring will be crafted with attention to every detail. In the jeweller's workshop, they use only the finest equipment to set your ring with the utmost quality.

Next we'll tell you how our quality assurance department ensures your ring is even more amazing than you imagined.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

In the process of being set, your ring will go through a 3-step quality assurance test. This ensures that the most important piece of jewellery of your lifetime is of the absolute finest quality.

Pre-Selected Diamonds

Before coming to Blue Nile, each diamond has already been pre-selected based on the Blue Nile standards of quality. Then, once we receive a diamond, it is independently inspected under magnification to ensure it matches the accompanying certificate.

Guaranteed Setting Quality

All settings are inspected for quality, and those with sidestones are carefully inspected under magnification to ensure the gemstones meet the Blue Nile standards of quality. Once your diamond and setting pass quality assurance tests, they go to the jeweller to be set. Before the jeweller considers setting your diamond, he inspects it once again to assure the utmost quality.

Expert Craftsmanship

Once the jeweller sets your diamond with the strength and security of platinum prongs, your finished ring returns to the quality assurance department where it is inspected a final time, as a whole. Here the ring is carefully reviewed, appraised, and an appraisal document is created.

This three-step process ensures that your custom diamond engagement ring is even more beautiful than you imagined before it is packed in the box to be shipped to you.

In the final step, your ring is secured in a sophisticated, dark blue, wooden box, and slipped inside the distinctive Blue Nile packaging.

Insured to Your Doorstep

We insure your shipment all the way to your doorstep. Your ring will be shipped via insured, secure carrier, and your box will be unmarked to continue to keep its contents secret. If at any time you would like to know where your ring is, feel free to contact a Blue Nile Diamond & Jewellery Consultant at 00800-2583-6453 from Poland, 0800-098-8541 from the United Kingdom, or 00353-1-899-1351 for all other EU countries.

Your Secret Is Safe

Great lengths are taken to keep your secret a surprise. All order related e-mails are sent to the e-mail account you specified. We can ship your ring to an alternate address other than your billing address, or we can ship it to the location nearest you for pick-up at your convenience, so she won't suspect a thing.

After your custom ring is set, it will arrive in one business day, set, polished, documented, and ready for the moment you present her the beautiful box.

The Next Step

Now that you are familiar with what happens after you order your engagement ring, you're ready to continue to: