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Black Onyx Jewellery

With its smooth, lustrous finish—dark and dusty black onyx should be a part of any modern jewellery collection. Our sterling silver and black onyx rings, earrings and bracelets bring edgy glam to your outfit. Onyx is commonly found in many regions around the world and is a fabulous affordable option for statement jewellery.

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FAQs about Black Onyx Jewellery

You can maintain your black onyx jewellery pieces with basic gemstone jewellery care. Use a homemade jewellery cleaner of warm water mixed with a few drops of mild soap, or our gem and jewellery cleaning kit to keep your black onyx pieces looking their best.

Black onyx has a rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it is best suited to frequent but not daily wear to prevent breaking or cracking. Pairing your black onyx gemstone with a strong metal, like sterling silver, will help ensure that the stone stays safe and snug in its setting.

Black onyx is most famously associated with emotional and physical healing. Throughout history, black onyx has been worn during times of mourning, as it offers grounding and strength to the wearer.

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